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Regulations For Exhibitors

Please familiarise yourself with the regulations for exhibitors before entering.

  1. Exhibits must be taken to the Showground before 10.00 am on the day of the show, when the marquee will be cleared. They must not be removed by exhibitors before 4pm. No responsibility can be accepted by the Committee for any loss or damage to exhibits.
  2. Competitors may show any number of articles in any class, but an entry fee must be paid for each article shown. No article may win more than one prize.
  3. The judges have the power to withhold any prize if the exhibit is considered unworthy, but they have power to give a full award irrespective of entries if they consider any article deserving of such an award. No prize will be awarded to any article which obtained first prize at this show in previous years or which has been washed.
  4. The Committee will take every reasonable care of articles exhibited, but will not be in any way responsible for loss or damage. All exhibits remain the property of the exhibitor.
  5. All complaints must be made to the secretary in writing before 3pm, with a deposit of £10 which will be returned if the complaint is justified.
  6. The decision of the committee shall be final in all matters not mentioned in these regulations.
  7. Any imposition practised or attempted against these rules will subject the offender to the forfeiture of all prizes and exclusion from future exhibitions.
  8. These regulations must be strictly adhered to and each entry implies acceptance of the regulations.
  9. Entry tickets must be attached to articles, no article to be removed before 4pm
  10. Prize money to be collected at 4pm
  11. Entries close as stated

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